Child of the Void

by J.A. Strub

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The sneak peak single for the upcoming EP "Love Stories Suck! (but we could still cuddle)" scheduled for release in early 2013


I’m alive, yet something in me’s dead
I just can’t escape from my head
But it’s just as well ‘cause

I hear you speaking
But the meanings not so clear
I’m a baby
So bring your charms and whisper in my ear

I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to think
Nothing’s ever the same when your mind’s on the brink
Through a new lens, everything’s changed
You see a new path when it’s all rearranged
People live, people die
Run in circles, wait in line
Doesn’t it all seem so small
When you’re looking from afar

There’s no time
To think about heaven or hell
You’re a fool if you can’t see for yourself
Just look around you

Viewing culture like a vulture
Taking bits for ourselves and leaving the rest to decay
Will the night replace the day
If the sun forgets to rise

With your feet in the mud and your head in the clouds
You can see all around, you can rally the crowd
You don’t know who I am, but then neither do I
You can find all you need in the lines in the sky
If you close your eyes tight you can feel the world spin
If you open your ears you can tune out the din
You can feel like you felt long before you were born
You can find a new name, you can take a new form





J.A. Strub

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