Still Lifes

by J.A. Strub

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Most of this past year's musical energy has been spent on making J & the A-Holes as awesome as possible (if you don't already know us, check us out at, but by the springtime I was itching to start working on some solo material that wasn't really working out in the band context.

These songs are probably not the best I've ever written, but they were written at a pretty significant time of my life - the end of my days in grade school - and for what it's worth, that means something to me. If I wasn't able to tie up every loose end that came from my thirteen years in my public school district, then hopefully this little record can help me express how I feel about moving on to the next chapter of my life. I do feel like this is some of the most personal music I have written. I needed to create something that was totally sincere, and totally of my own doing. Playing with a band is amazing, and I would honestly rather do that than record a single other song on my own if I had to give up one or the other, but I did feel like some of this stuff needed to get cleansed from my system, and I think that this recording helped me to expel a lot of demons. If you listen and enjoy, please feel free to check out my other stuff, as well as the aforementioned band material, which I personally feel is better than anything I've ever put out solo.

The song titles are accompanied by a label that designates one of the four classical temperaments. These represent how the song reflects an element of our collective personalities.

UPDATE: This album is comprised mostly of material that was seriously unfit to publish due to unsatisfactory vocal takes and lackluster mixing and mastering. I have published this merely to make the songs available. I will likely do a remaster later in the fall.


released July 19, 2013



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J.A. Strub

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